Our clients stick with us because of so much more than just the results we get them. Click to book a call here.

Helping health, wellness and beauty brands grow

Done for you social media and search marketing that actually works

Our Mission:

Enabling more small businesses to grow and thrive, knowing their digital marketing is taken care of.

Our holistic, multi-channel approach to digital marketing for wellness businesses has achieved some pretty sweet successes:

$ 0

in revenue from paid ads for a female-owned lifestyle business.

9.47x ROAS

for an eCommerce brand via Meta Ads by leveraging a messaging-first funnel.

$ 0

revenue in email marketing revenue alone.

Hey, we’re Thea Media.

We get it, our industry has a bad name and it’s full of cowboys. This makes it hard to know who to trust, or where to invest. We’re on a mission to change that.

Our approach is transparent and honest.

We grow health, wellness and beauty businesses Australia-wide with done-for-you social, search and email marketing.

Why work with just one person or a faceless corporation when you can partner with a small team who thrive when your business succeeds?

At Thea you get an entire team of experts supporting you, and we’re truly committed to your results. Let’s grow together!


Over to our amazing clients!

Working with Thea has been one of the best investments to my business, my professional and my personal development.

The team went above and beyond to not only facilitate growth across my social media channels but also to develop my social media aptitude along the way. I could not recommend the team and their services more!

I worked with Thea on a 6 month SEO campaign last year to optimise my website, and the results speak for themselves.

I am getting so many quality Google enquiries and am SO thrilled. Thank you so much Kai and Lauren, you were a delight to work with!

Louise Crozier

We already know…

Now you’re ready for a team that actually cares about you and about your results!

And you’re DONE settling with “good enough” when you know you’re meant for so much more. 

Don’t worry you’re in the right place!

While other digital agencies are obsessing over vanity metrics or pushing you into certain channels, we’re busy creating your unique customer-centric multi-channel strategy that gets consistent, long-term results.

Our clients stick with us because of so much more than just the results we get them.


What previous clients are saying:

“We really enjoyed working with Thea Media to elevate our social media marketing. As a small business, with limited resources and budgets, they provided a robust marketing solution and sounding board.”

Craig, Moffat Beach Brewing Co

“The team at Thea are right on the pulse with technology and the changing landscape. They have a fresh attitude, a great eye for brands and are a hard working team to partner with! I have trust and faith in Thea for my brand.”

Sara, TRES

“The team are efficient and timely in their communication and updates.  They have allowed us to feel secure in the knowledge they are working laterally and consistently behind the scenes to benefit our business.”

Melanie, Ivy + Piper

“I can not recommend Lauren and Thea enough for the ongoing support, and inspiration they provide to my business. After spending years and years finding and then changing marketing companies, I finally found a group of people that get my business.”

Chris, SMI Financial Solutions

“We absolutely love working with the team. They have provided us with solutions to all our marketing needs. Whenever we have a question they are super helpful and efficient at getting back to us. They are always open to hearing our suggestions and are excited to help us grow our business, always giving us their professional advice. As our business grows they grow with us offering new ideas on how we can improve. Our sales and leads have also increased since working with their team”

Ryan, Kawana Flooring

“We love working with the Thea Media team, they are all so proactive kind and supportive!  They have outdone themselves on our SEO support ;)”

Simone, Lavender Co

We're building something different together…

Supporting growing small businesses is kind of our thing. But our mission doesn't stop there.

We focus on making a positive impact and reducing our footprint, with monthly and ongoing tree-planting through Ecologi.

We provide pro-bono digital marketing support to Connect Kids, a registered local charity helping to break the cycle of inter-generational disadvantage on the Sunshine Coast.

CEO & Owner

Lauren Fraser

Some agencies suck. But we don’t.

In fact, we’ve actively built something different by avoiding all of the things people hate about traditional agencies.

Your alignment & your experience matters

We don’t do cookie-cutter and we work WITH YOU to develop a strategy that feels good, vs forcing a particular or approach down your throat. We always remain flexible with you and your business needs.

Dedicated specialists across each area

Our specialists all have senior-level experience, and you’ll have them working exclusively on their area of expertise, not trying to juggle multiple channels or be a jack-of-all-trades. This means GREAT results and in-depth knowledge.

Channel specialists, marketing specialists

We have the right mix in our team, ensuring highly-skilled specialists are implementing the best tactics, but your Account Manager and I are maintaining a holistic, big-picture view of your marketing.

Say goodbye to bad communication, disjointed strategies and no ROI...

Say hello to long-term, profitable growth for your small business.

We don’t believe in complicated, wildly complex marketing with bend-over-backwards strategies (so exhausting).

Our secret, is no secret. We just take the legwork out of your digital, and do it really well.

When you partner with Thea Media, you get access to a talented team with expertise in:


Paid Ads

Social Media

Email Marketing

Feel good with Thea.

When you partner with us you’re choosing to work with an agency who gives back, every month, to real causes.

Not only are we a long term Ecologi partner, committing to tree-planting and investment in climate projects across Australia and the world, we’re also the marketing partner to Connect Kids.

When you sign on with Thea as our client, we will celebrate by planting an additional 25 trees.

Your support allows us to continue to provide pro-bono digital marketing support to Connect Kids, a registered charity on the Sunshine Coast who are working to break the cycle of inter-generational disadvantage.

So, should we be partners?

What it all comes down to… is simplicity.

Our customer-centric, holistic approach to discovering, developing and delivering mulit-channel marketing solutions means you don’t need overcomplicated 75-step funnels and manufactured FOMO tactics.

Right from the start, our only focus is making you matter more to the audience that matters the most, so your marketing isn’t just engaging…. It’s profitable.

Yeah, it’s that simple.

So simple you could do it, but that’s why we’re here. We build out a proven approach that will put you in control of your own growth.

We do the marketing thing, so you can do your thing.

When the right foundations are in place, combined with your entrepreneurial tenacity and our results-driven approach to marketing…

You’re in for profitable AF success.

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