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To thread or not to thread | should your brand be on Threads?

To Thread, or not to Thread: we know this is a question you are asking yourself. 

We’re on Threads and are loving the creative, conversational nature. It’s like the “casual Fridays” of the social media platforms and we are here for that, but we know it can be daunting for many (except for Jessie, our social media specialist) to have another social media app on their phone.

This blog is going to unpack Threads and give you some hot tips on how to use the new platform to engage with your online community. 

What is Threads and why is it making such a stir? 

When social media giant Instagram launched Threads on July 5, our social feeds were inundated with memes and posts referring to the new platform as the “Twitter Killer”. Twitter has been in decline since Elon Musk regained control of the platform earlier this year and set in changes that served to monetise the platform. 

For months, we have been sipping tea, watching the feud between tech gazillionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg escalate. A feud that may turn physical. Yes, physical. There have been talks of a cage fight if you can believe it! 

While we all wait to see if this online feud ever becomes physical, the owner of Meta, Zuckerburg has turned to what he knows best – creating a social media platform. A Meta spokesperson said, “We believe there’s an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests”. 

Threads is a text-driven social platform, directly linked to Instagram. Two days after its launch, Threads reached 70 million users and now has recorded over 117 million –  That’s a pretty high thread count! With these numbers, the new platform broke the record for the fastest signup rate of any social media app however this doesn’t necessarily mean the app is engaging its users.

Research suggests the average user engagement on the app is a mere 4 minutes per day. This is comparable to the 31-minute average for Twitter users. 

While the masses initially sprinted to join the new platform, user engagement has dropped significantly since its launch. According to Similarweb, the number of daily users dropped from 49 million on the 7th of July to 12 million two weeks later. Yikes. 

What does Threads do and not do? 

These statistics show users are eager for a new platform, however, maybe Threads doesn’t quite quench their thirst – just yet. The standalone app allows you to post up to 500-character text updates, share photos and links and upload 5-minute videos. There’s an opportunity to reply and repost which encourages conversations regarding your brand, services, products and more. 

However, there are a few yummy ingredients missing from this platform’s pie: 

  • Searching: Doesn’t yet have a direct search function, so if you don’t have an existing community on Instagram, it may be hard for users to find you and engage in your content.
  • Emoji-less: It doesn’t yet have a function to use emojis, despite being a globally recognised form of communication and emojis are right here on your device’s keyboard.
  • Trending: There aren’t trending topics and users can’t search for trending topics. 
  • Following and Followers: Unlike Instagram, on users’ profiles, you’re unable to see who you’re following or who your followers are following (if that makes sense). 
  • Deleting Account: Once you’re on Threads, you are on for life. If you want to delete your Threads account, you have to delete your Instagram. This is a bit of a red flag.
  • Alt-Text: The app doesn’t have user-generated alt-text features which limits the accessibility for users who are blind or have a visual impairment. 
  • App Only: Threads currently doesn’t have a web address so it can only be accessed on a phone or tablet. 

While there is a lot that is missing, we think (hope) these features will come shortly. Threads was created by Meta’s Instagram team and it was more than likely launched quickly while Twitter is in its decline era. To keep up to date with any changes, make sure you are following and staying engaged with dash. Agency posts and stories.

So, should you even bother? Check out our table below for what kind of businesses should be on Threads, and what businesses don’t need to rush to join right now.

Being on Threads for us is a no-brainer. We’re a digital marketing agency so it’s important we use and engage with all things digital. We also recommend using Threads if you’re a service based business that relies on building online connections, If your brand personality is fun, interactive and trendy or if your audience is on there. If you have an existing marketing strategy this will also be beneficial as you will be able to repurpose content across platforms (love!).

Overall Threads really is a fun way to engage with your online community and project your brand visibility. However, being present on social media can be time-consuming so we don’t recommend using Threads if you are strapped for time, haven’t yet built up an existing online community or If Instagram doesn’t play a huge role in generating leads for your business.

How to Thread 

If you are looking to jump on board, these are our non-negotiables for using the platform for your business: 

  • Showcase your brand and brand personality 
  • Use Threads to engage with your customers and clients using jokes, humour and witty one liners 
  • Remember always: Threads can’t be deleted without deleting your Instagram
  • Share or make a meme relating to your team or products
  • Ask interactive questions that encourage engagement from your community 
  • Everyone has Twitter trauma so keep it light and fun. 
  • Don’t be that family member who overshares on Facebook. We’ve seen some businesses engage with the app and use all 500 characters. DON’T! Keep things concise and engaging. 

So, while Threads may be for us, it may not be for you. There is an opportunity to connect with your online community and be creative and engaging, but we argue it’s not for all businesses. 

If you have any questions or feel time-poor with your social media marketing, reach out to us. And if you are on Threads already, follow us! 

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