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Who are we?

Focus on your passion; Leave your digital marketing to us.

We’re a team of data-driven, people-focused humans with a goal to drive your wellness brand’s success online.

We play to our strengths: crafting algorithm-friendly SEO, paid ads, social media and email marketing strategies that connect you to your ideal customers in the digital space.

Life at Thea

As true partners to our clients, we create effective long-term strategies, not momentary success.

On the outside, we’re cool, calm and approachable. On the inside, we’re deep-thinking, collaborative strategists who love the work we do. We’re highly experienced and well versed in the art of creating ambitious brands who want to grow beyond six figures.


Meet our founder, owner & CEO Lauren Fraser

Known for her sunny disposition, it’s no surprise our founder Lauren Fraser was quick to land the nickname ‘Smiley’ by one of her first ever clients with Thea. An unwavering positive attitude towards her client work isn’t the only thing she excels at though.

Passionate about seeing long-term results for brands that make the world a better, happier and healthier place...

Lauren loves working with trailblazers in the health, wellness and beauty space. And she’s cultivated a team of digital marketing experts who love it too.

When she’s not working, Lauren lives out her love for (decaf) coffee trips, bird-watching, book-reading and keeping a close eye on overseas travel deals in her home on the Sunshine Coast.

Her day-to-day focuses on supporting ambitious brands with digital marketing strategies for long-term success. Lauren continues to build her team to help keep up with the demand of businesses looking to partner with honest, collaborative digital marketers who deliver real results.

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We work with brands who value what we value.


We lead with clear and honest communication with each and every client. It’s not just about numbers, communicating frequently means we’re always finding out new things about you, your brand and your objectives.


You tell us everything about your process, your brand and your ideal target audience and we’ll design a custom digital marketing strategy to match. A strategy like that only works when it’s created through effective collaboration.


We won’t rope you into kitchy trends, but we’ve always got our ear to the ground with what’s new (and what could help drive your brand’s success online). We might switch gears and try new things if we know it will lift your results.

What makes us so damn good at Digital Marketing?

We’re driven by data
Data is the key to really knowing your audience and what their behaviours are online. If you don’t know that, you can’t target them. Besides, data is changing and updating constantly and we want to be across it so we can optimise your strategies as we go so we’ve always got you covered.

We work with you and for you
Thea Media is made up of a team of creative problem solvers with a diverse range of talents who value building intimate, strong connections with each other and our clients. We’re not just a marketing team, we’re your digital marketing partners, ready to develop powerful and engaging content that reflects your brand’s true identity.

We share real results and clear reporting
Transparency and honest reporting is key to a long-term and bountiful relationship with our clients. We understand the importance of keeping you informed and across the set-up, implementation and progress of your campaigns. When you pair up with us, you’ll see near-instant results and you’ll never be left wondering where your investment goes.

Our Promise

We solemnly swear to abide by who we are and who we are not when creating effective digital marketing strategies.

We shall always:
We shall never:

Highlight best practice, based on a thorough understanding of your brand and your goals.

Take initiative and think outside the box.

Research, test, review and repeat when it is necessary.

Share real results without the confusing industry lingo.

Trial new features and functions (so you don’t have to).

Treat ourselves, our team and our clients with respect.

Foster transparency and long-term growth– not vanity metrics.

Indulge in kitchy trends that don’t serve our clients long-term.

Carry out work on the fly, take shortcuts, use bots or offshore our work.

Leave you in the dark about how your results are tracking.

Continue to push you along a strategy that isn’t working or seeing the results you desire.

Our client success stories speak for themselves:

You know you need help with your digital marketing strategy, you just don’t know where to start.

We’ve narrowed it down.

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