Purpose-driven boutique digital marketing team with that Sunshine Coast charm. Download our services guide here.

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Data-driven storytellers, big picture thinkers and creative problem solvers for trailblazing brands in the health, wellness and beauty space.

We really love our clients (and they love us too):

Purpose-driven boutique digital marketing team with that Sunshine Coast charm.

Pair up with a digital marketing partner that’ll stop your dream customers mid-scroll and inspire them to take action.

We partner with brands in the health, wellness and beauty space to make impactful campaigns that go beyond sales targets and fosters brand loyalty from customers who like to take care of themselves.

Our Services

We’ve got a soft spot for helping health, wellness and beauty brands win over their customers through:


We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here – just the work we do for our clients.

Our process strikes the perfect balance between using the latest social data and consumer insights with our combined 30+ years experience to create a tailored digital marketing strategy for your brand. 
What if you could get real results delivered consistently each month by one of our dedicated digital experts minus the confusing industry lingo? Work with a Sunshine Coast digital marketing agency that’s good different today.


Leave the digital marketing mental load to a capable and dedicated team who think, breathe and live this stuff.

Our client-focused approach is flexible, transparent and easy for all brands in the health, wellness and beauty space. As an experienced Sunshine Coast marketing agency, our digital marketing efforts are tailored to your audience, your budget and your main objectives. If those objectives change, we’re right there with you. We’ll help you close gaps, maximise sales opportunities and spread your investment wisely.

We don’t do the one-size-fits-all approach.

We prefer to get to know our clients individually so we can tailor a strategy to suit you and your business objectives.

We act with purpose, not for the sake of it.

Everything we do, we do with intent and consideration of your overall strategy. Every ad, every word and every campaign has a clear purpose.

Many hands (and minds) make light work.

We take the weight of your digital marketing efforts off your shoulders, so you can focus on other parts of the business you love.


We work with brands that make the world a happier, healthier, better place.

As your strategic digital marketing agency partner, we take a holistic and data-driven approach to your paid advertising and digital marketing efforts– working closely with you to understand the ins and outs of your business so we can deliver solutions that stick and drive sustainable growth.

If you’re an established brand in the health, wellness and beauty space who is:

  • turning over $300,000+ per year.
  • committed to investing in your marketing to get consistent and real results.
  • driven to grow, but values sustainable growth and brand integrity.
  • looking for an honest and dedicated digital marketing specialist who is serious about getting you results.

Then you’re in good company and we’d love to chat with you!

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Frequently asked questions:

With society’s transition into the online world, it is more crucial than ever for businesses to utilise the digital space and get in front of their audiences in a modern and undeniably effective way. Even if you have an amazing product or service, it doesn’t mean much if your brand’s online presence is lacking.

The results we see and the time it takes to get there can vary business-to-business, depending on the industry your brand is positioned within, your budget, your goals, and the platforms utilised, just to name a few factors. Luckily, we can quickly and effectively measure the impact of digital marketing for your business with real data so that you can see tangible results and tailor our services to help you achieve your goals.

There is no single correct answer for this as the channels that your business uses might differ from those used by another business. Our recommendation is to utilise multiple platforms to really expand your reach and engage with your audiences where they hang out. We partner with you to identify which channels will be the most impactful for your business and how best to show up in each of them.

There are a range of factors that will influence the cost of digital marketing for your business in particular, including (but not limited to):

• Market position
• Target audience
• Industry
• Competitors
• Goals

Thea Media will personalise your digital marketing strategy to suit your needs and objectives, ensuring that we set you up for success in the ways that are most effective for your business.

When you work with a digital marketing agency, you can expect a partnership that works collaboratively to grow your business online. This encompasses a range of services including social media management, paid ads, SEO, web development, photography and more. You can think of us as your personal team of specialists who support you across a variety of channels to elevate your business and expand your reach.

Thea Media is redefining digital marketing, focusing on providing transparent, flexible, and data-driven marketing solutions for health, wellness and beauty businesses. With the mass shift towards digital, any industry can benefit from a well-defined digital marketing strategy.

If you are thinking about investing in digital marketing but you’re not sure how it all works, don’t be shy! We would love to hear from you, so book a call with us so that we can answer any questions you may have and determine how we can help you.

We’re not just your digital marketing agency, but also your partners, and we genuinely care about the success of our clients. To make sure you are getting the most out of our partnership and we can work our magic effectively, it’s important to maintain clear communication and set realistic, tangible expectations and goals. We’re on the same team, so if things change within your business or you’re ever unsure of anything, let’s chat!

We keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing digital marketing world so you don’t have to.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to keeping up with the latest search and social media updates as well as trends and oh-so-fun algorithm upgrades. Our tailored digital marketing strategies grow and change with the online landscape so that you never fall behind in sales or driving leads to your door.

It’s like having your very own marketing department for less than the cost of a single junior marketer. That’s why you can’t do it all on your own.

Which is where we come in.

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