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A great brand means nothing without a game plan to share it with the rest of the world.

As an expert SEO and Google Ads agency, we’ve created a full-service search marketing package that delivers the best results, in the best timeframe, for health, wellness and beauty brands to grow online.

We’re creative problem solvers and data-loving marketers with an unwavering obsession for growing health, wellness and beauty brands online.

Find the right customers, cultivate a loyal following and transform your social media presence with our exceptional full package social media marketing package.

We have a no-fluff approach to organic social media and paid ads management:

First, we make your plan:

A custom plan, based on everything we know about your brand, your audience and your short and long-term goals. We look at what you’re currently doing (and not doing) to help us craft your first campaign.

Then, we review your content.

We run a fine-toothed comb through your account and competitors to develop a monthly campaign to match your goals. From there it’s constant optimisation and refinement to amplify results.

Finally, we get your results.

Each month, you can expect a detailed report breaking down your ad and ranking performance. This shows any gaps we need to fill and any improvements we need to make to ensure your website stays at the top.

We take brands from being unknown to impossible to ignore.


“The results speak for themselves”

“I worked with Thea Media on a 6-month SEO campaign last year to optimise my website. I am getting so many quality Google enquiries and am SO thrilled. Thank you so much Kai and Lauren, you were a delight to work with!”


“They have outdone themselves on our SEO support”

“We love working with the Thea Media team, they are all so proactive, kind and supportive!”


Search Savvy

Creative solutions and measured results for your SEO and Google Ads strategy for less than the cost of hiring a junior marketer.

Our client-coveted search marketing bundle will help your brand create waves in the digital space. We’ve helped new and existing companies in the health, wellness and beauty industries double their business revenue in a sustainable way.

Trying to figure out Google on your own will ultimately waste your time (and money) when you could be focusing your efforts on other parts of your business. Instead, let our team of experts champion your search marketing strategy and scale your brand to the top.

What’s in it for your brand?

Why spread your investment out across multiple services for different channels when you can channel your spend into one, neat package that covers it all without costing a fortune?

In order to get noticed by the right people at the right time, your brand needs two things:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Elevate your brand’s performance on Google with our simple, whitehat organic search marketing services. Our team operates locally and reports with transparency, so you’ll never have to worry about offshoring or missing results. 

Search Savvy SEO includes:

Search strategy research & creation

Website onsite and tech audit

Keyword research & mapping

Optimised content & blog writing

Metadata optimisation

Ongoing link building & off-page work

Monthly rankings & competitor report

Google account management & reporting

Monthly performance report and ideation meeting.

Google Ads Management

Providing short term results, especially on competitive search terms, Ads deliver quick wins and valuable insights based on real consumer data. Combined with SEO, you’ll amplify your brand and capture highly lucrative opportunities on competitive keywords. 

Search Savvy Google Ads includes:

Ads strategy research & creation

Account set-up (or audit for existing accounts)

Ad creation & relevant target keyword research

Location & audience research and optimisation

Conversion & events management

Ongoing optimisation of ads and customer experience journey

Landing page & CRO management

Monthly performance report and ideation meeting.

Stop relying on weak search strategies and appealing to the masses and start building out campaigns that work.

We drop the confusing lingo and the marketing razzle dazzle and focus on delivering measured results based on data and 30+ years combined experience.

With a team of diverse skills and talents, we’ll help scale your brand by generating quality leads, consistent revenue and ROI for sustainable growth.

Is the pressure of getting your brand noticed pressing down on you but you’re not sure where to invest your digital marketing spend?

You have the brand, a website and some content but there’s no real direction or consistent plan in place to get your brand out there and noticed by the right people.

You’ve given Google Ads a go and you’re trying to manage it yourself but you’re not seeing the return on your investment (for your money or your effort).

You paid for an SEO strategy somewhere down the line but you either haven’t been able to implement it or you have, but you’re not seeing the results.

You’ve launched a new brand or you’re wanting to launch and you want to make sure you stand out from the existing competition and enter the market with a bang.

Whatever you do, your SEO and search marketing just isn’t generating enough sales and you don’t know what else to do.

If any of these sound like where you’re at right now, we’re here to help.

You can't argue with these numbers ...

Did you know that organic search results gain 19 times more clicks compared to paid search results? And that 76% of people who search on their phones for a business nearby visit it within the same day?

With over 68% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s time you started investing your funds into getting noticed by the right people, on one of the world’s favourite places to search.

Search Savvy is designed for health, wellness and beauty brands who want to be seen by actively searching customers, drive sales and leave a lasting impression.

Let's stop...

Paying for SEO and Google Ads for months without any idea of the work being done.

Spending on SEO and Google Ads without seeing the result of your investment.

Making promises we can’t deliver on just to make a sale.

Ignoring attention to details that could be hindering your sales.

Using confusing industry jargon and abbreviations.

And start...

Paying attention to your reporting and how your customers are interacting with your campaign.

Understanding how to use your marketing spend effectively to drive better results.

Being transparent when we think something won’t work and focus our efforts on what will.

Making sure we’re talking to the right people for your brand.

Partnering with a local team who cares.

We help make the unfamiliar easy to understand and keep the confusing industry lingo out of our pitch.

We could go on for weeks about SEO and Google Ads and why it’s a must-have for brands who want to scale up and linger in the minds of their ideal audience. But we know you’re short on time, so we’ll keep it short.

A good great search marketing strategy will get your brand:


You will noticeably see an increase in organic and search traffic and eyeballs on your website.


You will have improved user experience (UX) and usability, making it easier for visitors to find you.


Great SEO will enhance your brand credibility, which will galvanise trust and loyalty from your fans.


And we mean quality leads. You’ll reach the people who are in the market looking to buy from or book you now.


Our team is dedicated to monitoring and shifting accordingly when algorithms change, so you stay ahead.


We spend your budget wisely, so you’ll maximise your long-term ROI with sustainable results.


With detailed performance metrics and analytics, making it easier to review your search effectiveness.

In Control

Over your budget and ad spend per month, allowing you the flexibility to adjust it as you need.


Across various ad and keyword formats, so we can target your ideal audience  more effectively.

We won’t gamble your investment on appealing to customers who aren’t interested in your brand. We’ll spend it wisely, precisely targeting specific demographics to put your brand right in front of them.

Here’s what good different SEO and Google Ads results look like for our clients:


Increased impressions via organic traffic.

Top 3 spots

On Google consistently for three years.


Success rate ranking on page 1 of Google.


in Google Ads in one year, with over 5x return on their ad spend.

6 months

to increase the total of quality Google enquiries and conversions for a client.

$5.29 CPA

or Cost Per Appointment Booking for one of our beloved beauty brands.

Want to add some extra zeros to your numbers?


All of the digital marketing and technical know-how you’d expect from a big agency, with the patience and care of a boutique marketing team.

Our process strikes the perfect balance between using the latest marketing data and consumer insights with the loyalty and motivation to grow with you, as a long-term partner who feels like a part of your team.

What if you could get real results delivered consistently each month by one of our dedicated digital experts minus the confusing industry lingo? Work with a Sunshine Coast digital marketing agency that’s good different today.

Our Process

The Thea Media approach.
Shaped to help your brand reach its full potential online.

Our work boils down to truly understanding your brand and everything about your ideal target audience first. From there, we make it our mission to address every part of your brand puzzle– from SEO to Google Ads to social media marketing, email campaigns and all the important customer touchpoints in between.

If you sell a service...
If you sell a product...

For service-based businesses, our job is to help connect you with the people who want to hire your services.

We help health, wellness and beauty brands highlight their point of difference and connect them with their ideal clientele. Think dental clinics, wellness centres, beauty salons, skin clinics, wellness retreats, allied health practices– you’re a trailblazer in the wellness space and we want to help connect you with people who enjoy looking after themselves.

For product-based businesses, our job is to help connect you with the people who want to buy or download your products.

We help health, wellness and beauty brands highlight their point of difference and connect them with their ideal customers. Think nutrition or supplements to skincare and lifestyle products – you want your products in front of people who prioritise their health and wellbeing, and we’re the ones to help get you noticed.

What makes us so damn good at SEO and Google Ads?

We’re driven by data
Data is the key to really knowing your audience and what their behaviours are online. If you don’t know that, you can’t target them. Besides, data is changing and updating constantly and we want to be across it so we can optimise your strategies as we go so we’ve always got you covered.

We work with you and for you
Thea Media is made up of a team of creative problem solvers with a diverse range of talents who value building intimate, strong connections with each other and our clients. We’re not just a marketing team, we’re your digital marketing partners, ready to develop powerful and engaging content that reflects your brand’s true identity.

We share real results and clear reporting
Transparency and honest reporting is key to a long-term and bountiful relationship with our clients. We understand the importance of keeping you informed and across the set-up, implementation and progress of your campaigns. When you pair up with us, you’ll see near-instant results and you’ll never be left wondering where your investment goes.

Our client success stories speak for themselves:

Have questions about Social Savvy for your health, wellbeing or beauty brand?

Frequently asked questions:

We are a Sunshine Coast digital marketing agency that specialises in health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle businesses. We’ve got the big agency know-how and talent, but with the patience and care of a small, local boutique marketing team. Think of us like your own marketing department (without the corporate agency price tag).

Our team at Thea Media can support you in a variety of specialised areas such as Google Ads and SEO (or our Search Savvy package that bundles them together). We can also help you with your Social Ads and Social Media Marketing (or our Social Savvy package that bundles those together, too).

Search Savvy packages start at $2,000+gst per month. This equals $1,000 per channel within each package, the perfect price for small businesses generating over $300,000 in revenue per annum.

Our office is located on the Sunshine Coast, however our hybrid team is spread across Australia and we work with businesses Australia-wide.

You know you need help with your digital marketing strategy, you just don’t know where to start.

Download our packages guide for a breakdown of our packages and rates. We will also send you a link to book a time to chat.

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