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Finish Beauty

From clutter and chaos to clarity and consistency

During our initial consultation with Jess, the director of Finish Beauty, she revealed to us that their initial marketing approach was sporadic, fixated solely on Instagram visibility and follower count. Jess realised that there was more to growing a brand than the number of followers you had and that this didn’t directly translate into paying (and loyal) customers. They sought the help of the Thea Media team to help plan out a clear and effective marketing strategy.

The results

What we helped with:

Google ads & SEO Strategy

ad conversion rate:


Real results achieved:
  1. Facilitated 2,920 clicks for appointment bookings generated through Google ads.

  2. Achieved an impressive average cost of $4.46 per new lead acquisition.

  3. Maintained an outstanding average conversion rate of over 44% on Google ads, translating to high engagement.

Where Thea Media made marketing magic happen…

We strategically pivoted away from the existing limited Instagram-centric and scattergun marketing approach. This shift proved transformative, leading to more efficient and fruitful outcomes through the implementation of a targeted Google Ads strategy for Finish Beauty. We moved the focus away from follower count to a personalised plan that drove real customer conversions. In addition to seeing significant results, we also played a pivotal role in empowering Jess to grow her team by hiring new employees.

From a scattergun approach to a clear strategy and real results

“We went from staring at our follower count and trying to cold-post to an audience that weren’t engaging with us to a collaboration with Lauren and her team at Thea Media, who showed us more effective marketing avenues. Despite initially being fixated on follower count, the shift to a comprehensive SEO strategy and the addition of working closely with Lauren revealed an easier and more fruitful marketing approach. Before I worked with Lauren I was so focused on Instagram, not realising how time-consuming it was. Now, I have more time on my hands to look after other important areas of my business, like growing my team to keep up with the new demand.

I saw immediate results from our Google Ads, seeing new bookings coming in and the engagement on our website skyrocketed. Lauren provided invaluable education as we grew, ensuring we understood every step of the process. Now we have a strategy that is clear and actually works, solidifying a sense of continual success for my brand.”

Jess - Owner, Finish Beauty

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