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The dash. Origin Story

I thought I’d sit down and write out our origin story because as you will see, we’ve got some cool history to share…

I started my agency, LMF Marketing, in 2018 and between living in Melbourne, Europe, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast built it up to be a thriving digital marketing agency within 4 years (what a hustle those early years are!).

At the same time Dash of Milk was growing and turning it into a well-known social media agency on the Sunshine Coast.

Come the start of 2022 I was considering how to continue to grow, things were going well and I had the time to focus on my own strategy and long-term plan. What the next step was exactly, I wasn’t quite sure.

At this time Dash of Milk had been edging towards its upper limit, needing to broaden its services and skillset to maintain the momentum it was on.

Through the amazing women-in-business network that exists, I was approached to consider acquiring Dash of Milk.

And I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Even though acquisition was not something I had ever considered before, the opportunity came at a time when I was ready and able to grow, and Dash of Milk was ready for new management to take it to its full potential.

Dash Agency is the merger of these two women-founded agencies, and it’s truly the elevated version of what was before.

I am so proud of the rollercoaster journey it has been and where we are at today. With a team of 10 that’s steadily growing, we’re working with amazing businesses to create and implement long-term digital strategies that actually impact the bottom line.

Stemming from my own values, we’re focussed on acting as partners in marketing, not feeling like a faceless sales-machine who’s ticking the boxes on your business (I’ve worked in one of those agencies before).

Whether you’re 5 months or 5 years in, I’m always so curious to hear the individual journeys business owners are on. Feel free to reach out to me directly at lauren@dashagency.com.au and say hello! I’d love to hear from you.

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