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ChatGPT could be hurting your brand.

Sounds dramatic I know, but I’m dead serious.

Towards the end of last year ChatGPT, a language model chat bot developed by OpenAI, went viral big time.

And it is a game changer in many ways. It will have an ongoing impact across many industries and change the way we work, and live. If you haven’t seen it yet, go have a play. But be warned, due to the very high use the servers and site are regularly overloaded and crash.

You can ask it pretty much anything, you can have it create blog posts, website content, long form articles, rap songs and poems even!

So, why am I being so doomsday when it comes to your brand?

Well, the thing is that ChatGPT, and many other AI writers on the market, pretty much duplicate and plagiarise existing content from the internet.

And you know what Google really hates?

You guessed it. Duplicated content.

Be warned, if you are utilising ChatGPT to create content for you, be sure you are editing and reviewing the content.

And ensure you fact check! It flatout makes stuff up.


GPT-2 Output Detector Demo

Still in it’s very early beta phase, this handy tool will detect what % of the content you’ve provided is fake vs real.

I’ve run some tests, across 4 blogs that I generated via ChatGPT, they came back as 
98-99.50% Fake

That’s crazy. The good thing was that it’s usually much easier to review and edit content than start from scratch, and so I was able to sweep through and rework the content (and check the accuracy of information).

check out >>


Duplicated content is a massive no-no, not only is it plagiarism which we all know is frowned upon. But, Google really dislikes and struggles with duplicated content across the web.

When crawling your website and content, it is looking for unique information which positions your brand as an Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy. Google’s E-A-T is a whole other email for another time though.

When you have high amounts of duplicated content on your website, Google will mark down your site’s authority overall, and impact your rankings in search results. 

Your goal is to rank well in Google, and not have a blacklisted website, which means sucking up to Google in every way possible and doing all the best practice.

The content provided by AI writers is also deeply lacking in personality or creativity. With time it will get better but for now, boring AF.

Churning out low value content, that could be inaccurate, is extremely damaging for your brand, and there’s long term impacts from this kind of activity.

Between Google ranking down your site, and damaging your brand credibility, you can see why I provide a word of caution with ChatGPT.


You can and should be leveraging the power of AI though, as it’s the future and already playing an enormous role in business, digital and marketing.

Be sure to follow these simple tips to ensure you’re still creating unique, valuable content that won’t damage your brand.

1) provide clear and specific requests to the bot
2) use it for top level outlines, frameworks or more general information
3) request that it include widely proven information or accurate statistics
4) review and edit the content provided to ensure brand personality and engaging writing

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