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Why Your Business *Really* Needs A Website Strategy

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So you are looking to establish your digital presence by creating a website. Woo hoo! A worthy investment. A website is absolutely integral for every business to have n this day and age. However (yes, there is a “but”), since there are so many businesses and so many websites, having just a website for the sake of having a website doesn’t quite cut it. To really be successful in the digital space, you need to have a strong website strategy.

What is a website strategy?

Okay, don’t be alarmed. It’s really not as complicated or difficult as you might think. A website strategy is essentially a map or a plan that outlines your business’s goals and the main purpose(s) for your website, and how you’re going to achieve them. This strategy relates directly back to your target audience and the kind of content that appeals to them, as well as how to structure this to best suit them and guide them through the website.

Why do I need it?

Wondering, “Okay but does this reeeeeally matter? Can’t I just have a website with a contact form or a checkout?” You might be able to get by with having a basic website that ‘does the job’, but it’s not going to get you very far, and in fact, a basic website is still going to be a similar long-term investment. Consider website builder fees, domain registration, and cost of website hosting.

So why not make it high quality and tailored to your target audience so that you increase leads, sales, and improve customer experience and brand loyalty? Based on what we’ve seen at dash., having a solid website strategy and a professional web designer and developer to execute that strategy effectively ends up not only saving you money, but also making you money. A lot more.

Proven benefits of having a solid website strategy:

Some of the most integral benefits our clients see from developing a website strategy and investing in a custom-built website instead of just using a template:

  • Brand definition and recognition: Think of your website as your shopfront that is open 24/7. It is often the first point of contact that a potential customer or client will have with your brand, so you want to make it count. A well-thought out strategy and high quality execution of this strategy ensures that your website showcases your brand in the best light and accurately reflects the personality of your brand, which is ultimately what people relate to and engage with when it comes down to it. Your website is an opportunity to define your tone of voice, visual aesthetic, products and services, culture, and more. Don’t waste it!
  • Elevated user experience (UX): People these days are, yes, pretty technologically savvy, but damn impatient. The average person browsing the internet wants to achieve their goal ASAP and takes no prisoners when it comes to their experience on your website. You need to be aware of what your users’ primary goals are, and have a strategy in place to ensure that your website is built to guide them there easily, quickly, and in a way that is intuitive and visually appealing. If your customers are having to stop and think, you’re already done for. Slow loading times? Nope. Not responsive across devices? GONER.
  • Increased website traffic and sales: Google loves a website that’s been strategically crafted, and that’s going to get you ranking higher and showing up in front of more people.  The truth of it is… your audience isn’t going to find you if you’re on page 2 of Google search results, let alone if you’re just floating in the abyss of all the trillions of websites. A solid website strategy and high quality execution of said plan will not only attract more attention (website traffic), but it will also get people to spend more time on your website and increase the rate at which they follow through to enquiry or purchase (more leads, conversions, and sales). Cha-ching!

Okay, let’s do this

Want to find out how to develop an effective website strategy? Contact the team at dash. for *proper* expert advice.

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