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Governments worldwide take precautions against TikTok

Is TikTok a masterstroke of addictive-app genius by China to gather and access sensitive data secretly? Or is it just another app gathering our data and using it in questionable ways, that happens to have ties to China AND rapid revenue growth and popularity - making it a prime target for Government attention?

Why Your Business *Really* Needs A Website Strategy

A website is absolutely integral for every business to have n this day and age. However (yes, there is a “but”), since there are so many businesses and so many websites, having just a website for the sake of having a website doesn’t quite cut it. To really be successful in the digital space, you need to have a strong website strategy.

ChatGPT could be hurting your brand.

Towards the end of last year ChatGPT, a language model chat bot developed by OpenAI, went viral big time. hatGPT, and many other AI writers on the market, pretty much duplicate and plagiarise existing content from the internet. This is bad for your brand…

Colour Psychology in Design

Colours really are their own language, and can affect our mood, behaviours, and perception. This is colour psychology. The way that a colour is used within a design, as well as the choice of palette, can greatly influence how it is perceived by its viewers.

2022 In Review

In September of 2022 Dash of Milk was acquired by Lauren Fraser of LMF Marketing. During the last quarter of 2022 the teams and I underwent a massive project of merging brands, and starting to roll our the new dash. agency.

Why SEO for small business?

SEO is the practice of improving the ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase the visibility of your business. There are many benefits to investing in SEO for your small business…

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