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Steer your small business to success and prepare for the new financial year ahead

Steer your small business to success and prepare for the new financial year ahead

The dash. Origin Story

I thought I’d share our origin story, because as you will learn we have some pretty cool history behind us.

What is Google Analytics and the new GA4?

Wouldn’t it be invaluable to know exactly how people interact with your website, the pages they love the most, and where they become disinterested and drop off? Learn more about the power of GA

3 Limitations To Consider Before Implementing AI Into Your Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the digital marketing landscape. The marketing industry has the most to gain from AI technology with its ability to collect and analyse customer data. However, whilst AI has a lot of benefits for brands, we should always look at the limitations of technology. So, before jumping onto the AI train, consider these elements of AI-driven marketing that could negatively impact your business.

5 Brands Who Have Successfully Used AI In Their Marketing Strategies

With the rapid evolution of technology over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a household name. It is used on our phones, in our homes, and more recently, in our marketing. Most of the world’s biggest brands have implemented AI into their marketing strategies and systems to improve customer experiences and data analysis.

Breaking Down AI: A Beginners Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

When people think of AI, they think of self-driving cars, or Siri. In reality, AI is a combination of behind the scenes tools and systems that aim to make people’s lives more efficient, effective and simple through automations.

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